Planning for an Eco-Friendly Spring Break

Whether you are going to the sunshine state or visiting friends out of town this spring break, there are several ways one can make traveling a bit greener. Planning for an eco-friendly trip may sound a bit intimidating, but with a little planning, it really can be hassle free.  Every effort counts too. Following just one of the tips has a positive impact on the environment.

1.  Transportation: ROAD TRIP!!! Hit the road this spring break by either carpooling or taking public transportation.  Compared to driving separately or flying, this significantly reduces our carbon footprint. If your flight is already booked, make smart decisions at the airport. Take advantage of recycling receptacles, bring a water bottle to refill at the water fountain, use one napkin or paper towel, and only accept food/drinks on the airplane that you are going to eat or drink.

2. Accommodations: Stay at a green hotel/hostel/motel! Supporting an environmentally friendly establishment sends a message to competitors that consumers care about the decisions they are making in regards to the environment. While staying at a green establishment, practice green actions. Reuse your bath towel, take efficient showers, fill up water bottles, refrain from getting the sheets changed, use electricity at a minimum and remember to turn off lights and unplug devices when out of the room.

3. Food: Pack food for the trip using tupperware. When going out to eat, support green restaurants. At the restaurant, be conscious of how many napkins and utensils you use. Ask to use the same glass for your drink. Order smart and get only what you know you will eat. When in the bathroom, wash hands efficiently and use one paper towel.

Making eco-friendly decisions is a conscious effort but when practiced regularly, it truly becomes habit.  It only takes a small action to make a huge impact. Little decisions, like refilling water bottles and opting for no sheet exchange, make a difference. Even if you just follow one of the tips, it is an accomplishment to be proud of. Happy Green Break Redbirds!

–Ali McCracken


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